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  • Sarah Learney

Collaboration is Key

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

6 Reasons to collaborate with a reputable Recruitment Partner

2020 has been fraught with uncertainty for society and the economy in its entirety. The media has relayed the negative impacts of the pandemic with increasing regularity. The persistent barrage of statistics detailing business closures, redundancies and changes to salaries and employment benefits have made for sombre reading. However, whilst a quarter of UK jobs were placed on furlough under the government’s Job Retention Scheme, some sectors have been fortunate enough to thrive within this challenging economy. Organisations within Technology & Fintech, Life Sciences, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Logistics & Distribution as well as Legal & Financial services industries, have displayed noticeable growth.

Recruitment in its entirety has naturally been impacted by the pandemic. However, it will be encouraging to know the facts which aren’t widely reported:

  • Businesses have been forced to immediately adapt to remote methods of interviewing and on-boarding, with a level of success which will likely change recruitment methods permanently.

  • Though permanent appointments were naturally impacted at the beginning of lockdown, temporary resources were drafted into key industries on an unprecedented scale.

  • Since August 2020, permanent recruitment campaigns have accelerated once more, with September recording the highest number of new job postings since lockdown; at the end of September there were 129,000 MORE jobs in one week alone.

Therefore, whilst employers naturally remain cautious about increasing their headcount in these unprecedented and unpredictable times, many businesses have successfully navigated what we hope to be the peak of the crisis.

This being said, whilst recruitment is starting to show signs of growth, businesses are naturally re-evaluating their expenditure. Many have been financially impacted by the pandemic or subject to internal redundancies. There is a belief amongst some that direct resourcing offers a more cost-effective solution! However, the questions remain:

  • As a business likely already affected by tighter staffing arrangements, how can you be certain to promote a favourable candidate experience?

  • Do you have the time and resources required to truly invest in talent attraction?

  • How can you be sure not to dilute your employer brand by providing a partial recruitment service?

  • Will you have the time to respond or engage with every applicant, ensuring they feel valued and share your company objectives and ambitions?

As an industry, Recruitment Agencies have long been utilised as an external resource to support talent attraction and on-boarding. It is statistically proven that you are more likely to access the best candidates if you utilise an agency. However, choosing the right Agency is fundamental to this success. The key is to engage with one as a collaborator and business partner, offering an extension to your own recruitment function rather than a transactional exchange of CV’s. Aspire Recruitment Services offers precisely that; a personal service uniquely tailored to your specific needs, aimed to transform workforce solutions.

Aspire Recruitment Services offers a comprehensive recruitment strategy which combines every aspect of the on-boarding process:

1. Talent Attraction

  • Engaging with active and passive candidates to establish and maintain long-term relationships.

  • Extended candidate reach with proactive resourcing methods

2. Marketing & Advertising

  • Composing engaging job adverts which inspire interest

  • Creating visibility across local and national advertising platforms.

  • Utilising advertising platforms which are proven to offer ROI

3. Candidate Engagement

  • Communicating with each and every applicant to provide a positive recruitment experience, especially important in a market saturated with enthusiastic and highly capable jobseekers.

4. Branding & Promotion

  • Acting as an ambassador for your business

  • Reflecting your employer brand

  • Providing positive PR in respect to your organisation

5. Market Knowledge & Expertise

  • Providing an honest appraisal of the economic situation and your positioning in the market

  • Offering an authentic and educated perspective

  • Comprehensive salary benchmarking, industry knowledge and sector experience

6. Time Saved

  • CV Sifting; only presenting candidates whose skills and experience match your requirements

  • Candidate profiling; introducing applicants within context and providing an insight into personality and ambition

  • Interview scheduling and preparation

  • Assisting with the virtual on-boarding process

In an economy still teetering on the edge of recovery, never mind growth, it is natural that recruitment should falter. However, for those organisations fortunate enough to be increasing their headcount, I encourage you not to discount the benefits of an external Recruitment function.

For businesses committed to expanding their workforce with only the best talent in the market, Aspire Recruitment Services is your Recruitment Partner of choice. Our people-centred approach expertly blends personality with professionalism, providing a bespoke service uniquely tailored to your specific needs. We put an emphasis on listening, guiding and matching, working in partnership with clients and candidates alike, to ensure quality hiring decisions are made. At Aspire Recruitment Services, we aim to transform the recruitment life cycle to ensure a positive on-boarding experience, continuously adapting within a changeable economy yet without compromising on traditional values.

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