• Sarah Learney

Give the Gift of Giving

The impact of the pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented demand upon food banks. With furlough, redundancy and unemployment dramatically impacting the financial income of many families, reliance upon these donations has almost doubled.

With the Festive season upon us and Christmas imminent, no family should have to struggle unnecessarily when it is within our power to help.

This year, I am asking all of my connections to ‘Give the Gift of Giving;’ supporting Aspire Recruitment Services in providing for families who are in genuine need.

In Recruitment, it has become customary to visit clients at Christmas, taking gifts to thank them for their business throughout the year. It is a gesture of gratitude and goodwill, a message which I certainly do not wish to deter from. However, 2020 has seen a break from tradition in every sense of the word.

For Christmas this year, Aspire Recruitment Services will be collecting donations on behalf of Food Banks and Toy Drives in South Wales. As such, I am asking my connections to give and to share. Together, we can collectively make a substantial difference to those in need.

The information below explains the items which would be gratefully received. If everyone could take the time to donate just one item, I am committed to collecting donations from homes and workplaces across South Wales. Social Distancing and PPE standards will of course be adhered to, whilst applying the utmost respect to the health and safety measures in place within each organisation.

Please only provide new / sealed items. All perishable food items should have a ‘Best Before’ date of 26th December or later.

As you compile items within your home or place of work, please contact Aspire Recruitment Services to arrange safe collection:

Thank you in advance for everyone who opts to take part in #givethegiftofgiving, in collaboration with Aspire Recruitment Services.

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