• Sarah Learney

Recruitment during Covid-19; witch-full thinking or a fang-tastic opportunity?

There’s no doubting that 2020 has had a frightening impact on business operations in their entirety. Redundancies have been an unwelcome consequence of the pandemic, with many companies forced to slash expenditure on an unprecedented scale. Similarly, growth plans for many sectors have been suspended in an effort to remain afloat within a weakening economy. Amidst so much despair and uncertainty it’s only natural we should question, what does the future hold for recruitment?

As if 2020 wasn’t challenging enough, 2021 will inevitably see a continuation of the effects of COVID. In addition, businesses will also be impacted by legislative changes associated to Brexit and IR35. It’s a terrifying concept for most to imagine a year more haunting than the last.

However, within adversity we find opportunity; the potential to carve out new prospects and fresh potential. Though recruitment is not necessarily top of everyone’s agenda, on-boarding during a pandemic can be more than just witch-full thinking. In a market currently saturated with be-witching talent, could now be a fang-tastic opportunity to review your recruitment strategy?

With the media frequently speculating on increased unemployment and a blood-curdling reduction in new opportunities, now could be the best time to attract new talent to your business. The pool of available and enthusiastic candidates is wider than ever, presenting a valuable opportunity to enhance the soul of your team.

The pandemic has demonstrated our reliance on human contact, the need to adapt to remote methods of working and the necessity to trust and respect our workforce. We’ve evolved and adapted within nightmare circumstances. As such, suck-cession planning should be top of everyone’s agenda.

The economy will bite back and we will see a return to the gh’oul times. However, to succeed, leaders will need to reassess their entire business model, identifying what has changed and its permanency. Let’s not allow change to give us the creeps and instead grasp the opportunity to create a spirit for growth.

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