The ‘Great Resignation;’ anticipated or overstated?

Like the Pandemic, the conflicting media reports surrounding employment, offer very little certainty. There appear to be three contradictory arguments: Widespread unemployment and restrictions on recruitment. A skills shortage which spans several industry sectors. The forthcoming ‘Great Resignation;’ a mass exodus of unhappy employees seeking greener pastures. There is no denying that the Pandemic instigated redundancies, business closures and furlough, on an unprecedented sc

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day and the theme is ‘Vision,’ A theme which matches my sense of ambition. I had a vision to embark on Aspire, A business which markets Talent for hire! My vision ‘to provide a personalised service’, Recruiting for you my ultimate purpose. I’m candidate focused, my USP! A commitment to service delivery! ‘Aspire, Innovate, Evolve’ is my vision, Three values which seek to improve on tradition. So those who are searching for a career, Or businesses fortunate to b