• Sarah Learney

National Poetry Day. 2020

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

National Poetry Day and the theme is ‘Vision,’

A theme which matches my sense of ambition.

I had a vision to embark on Aspire,

A business which markets Talent for hire!

My vision ‘to provide a personalised service’,

Recruiting for you my ultimate purpose.

I’m candidate focused, my USP!

A commitment to service delivery!

‘Aspire, Innovate, Evolve’ is my vision,

Three values which seek to improve on tradition.

So those who are searching for a career,

Or businesses fortunate to be hiring this year,

Via phone or email seek to inquire,

And contact Sarah who founded Aspire.

#sorrynotsorry #nationalpoetryday #nationalpoetryday2020 #vision #aspire #innovate #evolve #aspirerecruitmentservices

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